What To Consider When Buying Meat Grinders

Offering freshly ground beef can distinguish your restaurant from your competition. Any butcher shop or deli counter need commercial meat grinders as a valuable addition to the meat products they offer. Provided you have the right information, finding the right meat grinder that suits your needs is easy. All that is required is matching the available products to your specific needs. Meat grinders can be classified into the following categories:

Electric Meat Grinders

XZCXZCZXCAvailable in different sizes, the electric grinders vary from basic countertop units to high-output models mounted on the floor. The advanced models are used in meat processing facilities, butcher shops, and meat counters that experience high sales volumes. When making a purchase, you should focus on the quantity of meat being processed in a single minute. This is one effective way of comparing different models that seem to do the same thing. Do not make the mistake of buying a unit that is incapable of keeping up with your output requirements. First, narrow down your options by knowing your business needs. Secondly, the material used in constructing its grinder is necessary. Always go for stainless steel, as it is corrosive-resistant and dishwasher-friendly.

Manual Meat Grinders

The manual grinder is mounted on the counter when used. It works best with low volumes of meat. It is popular in a domestic setting due to capacity constraints. In addition, it is operated by hand. Some models use a clamp to remain in place, especially if the table is quite thick.

Grinder Accessories

Sausage Stuffer

When buying a meat grinder, there is the optional choice of adding a sausage stuffing tube. The tubes vary in sizes and are helpful in transforming your freshly ground meat into sausage casings. If you do not have a stuffing die, using a meat grinder with your stuffing tube is quite slow. In such a situation, your machine is incapable of doing it as fast as the sausage-stuffing machine.

Meat Mixers

Meat mixers are simple products that add ground meat to a hopper then a crank is turned till the products mix together. This machine is perfect for meatballs, sausages, meatloaf and other seasoned meat-related products. The machine can be found in several commercial grinders as it can meet high output demands.


XZCXZCXZCMost commercial grinders are not capable of handling animal bones. The grinding process generates a lot of friction, which warms up your meat significantly. Thus, keep everything chilled from the feed tube, knife and grinding plates. A freezer or an ice bath is good enough. Slowly cut your meat into evenly sized chunks which are slowly fed into the funnel – do not force them in. After use, ensure that all components of the machine are thoroughly sanitized. Regularly lubricate the machines’ moving parts with food lubricant.